Young Liberals Challenge Mulcair Over Pot Policies

Young Liberals Challenge Mulcair Over Pot PoliciesOttawa: Young Liberals, the youth wing of the Federal Liberal Party has launched a campaign to focus attention on what they believe is a u-turn by the newly elected NDP leader Thomas Mulcair over his marijuana policy.

When asked by Tom Clark on Sunday March 18th, 2012, “Would you decriminalize Marijuana?” Mulcair responded:

“No. I think that that would be a mistake. Because the information that we have right now is that the marijuana that’s on the market is extremely potent and can actually cause mental illness.”

Young Liberals will be distributing handouts and putting up posters with Mulcair’s quote on it – introducing him to Young Canadians. Pins promoting the Liberal party’s legalization policy will also be distributed.

“This is a new NDP, and we are going to tell people about it,” said Samuel Lavoie, president of the Young Liberals of Canada. “A lot of young Canadians liked Mr. Layton, who was for the decriminalization of Marijuana, but we are going to introduce them to Mr. Mulcair now and my guess is they are not going to be happy with his policies.”

“Mr. Mulcair would continue to punish pot smokers, would continue the Harper war on drugs. Liberals want to go a step further than decriminalization we want to legalize so we can collect tax revenue and so we stop punishing people for a drug less harmful than alcohol.”

The Young Liberals of Canada want to treat Canadians like adults. At the January Liberal Biennial convention we passed a resolution to legalize Marijuana with over 70% of delegates voting in favour.

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