$12M Boost Announced For New Projects To Improve Road Safety

Schoolbus safety will be part of eligible projects. Image by Nicholas Jackson from Pixabay

OTTAWA: Road safety programs protect Canadians by finding ways to improve the safety for all road users, while also reducing the risk of collisions.

That’s why Transport Canada is funding new, national tools that address ongoing road safety challenges.

Minister of Transport Omar Alghabra, announced a new call for proposals under the Enhanced Road Safety Transfer Payment Program, which is making $12 million available to fund projects which:

• promote road safety awareness;
• increase knowledge of road safety issues, practices, and behaviors;
• improve support for innovative and emerging technologies; and
• bolster the safe introduction of features for connected and automated vehicles.

These road safety initiatives benefit Canadians by improving vehicle safety and reducing the risk of collisions. Provincial and territorial governments, non-governmental organizations, academia, safety organizations, and private sector enterprises can apply for funding.

Transport Canada offers a maximum contribution of up to 75 per cent of the total project eligible costs.

To be eligible for this year’s program funding, applicants must submit their initiatives to Transport Canada no later than May 10, 2021.

The Enhanced Road Safety Transfer Payment Program directly supports Canada’s national
road safety priorities. In 2020-2021, 25 applicants received funding for 38 individual projects – a new record for the program.

Winning projects from 2020-2021 tackled persistent safety challenges related to impaired driving, driver training, distracted driving, advancing driver assistance technologies, and school bus safety.

Omar Alghabra said: “Investing in road safety projects through the Enhanced Road Safety Transfer Payment Program helps build safer communities across Canada. I wish to congratulate the successful applicants whose projects received funding last year, and I encourage those with new proposals to apply for the program. We all win from good road safety ideas.”

• The department provides annual contributions to the provinces and territories and to the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators to support the implementation of the National Safety Code standards, as well as the management of the national instructors and inspectors certification program through the existing Road Safety Transfer Payment Program.

• Budget 2019 bolstered these efforts by adding additional funding through the Enhanced Road Safety Transfer Payment Program.

• The existing and the enhanced programs provide up to $43.2 million over three years, dedicated to road safety.

• A record number of 38 projects and groups were funded by the program in 2020-2021.

• Funding for 2021-2022 will increase by $2 million for a total of $12 million, the highest amount offered by the program to date.


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