Law designed to protect pedestrians in Ontario now in place


As residents of Ontario are likely well aware, pedestrian accidents are an issue. When someone who is walking is struck by a vehicle the injuries inflicted can be devastating. Likely in an effort to reduce the number of these incidents that occur, the province recently passed a new law regarding crossovers. That law went into effect at the start of the year. The law is specifically designed to keep crossing guards, pedestrians and schoolchildren who are crossing a street, safe. Now, when a driver comes upon a school crossing zone or crosswalk with lights, he or she must wait until the pedestrian has left the road completely, before they can proceed. Individuals, who fail to comply with the new rule and are caught, could be fined. While the fine could total between $150 and $500, if the driver is caught breaking the law at a school crosswalk, the amount could be twice that amount. Just how well police officers will be able to enforce the law remains to be seen. It is also unclear whether fewer pedestrians will be hurt in crashes as a result of the law. Regardless of the existence of the law, pedestrians who are hurt in an accident of this nature, or the family members of those who die, may be able take legal action against the driver of the car. If you, a friend or a family member are victims of someone’s negligence and suffering from injuries and losses, contact us to speak to one of our lawyers to know your rights and what steps you should be taking in order to protect your rights for the future. If you or someone you love has been the victim of an accident, then our firm has the necessary expertise to evaluate your claim and give you a realistic idea of what you can expect if you decide to make a claim for damages. Call us now for a 24/7 emergency hotline 416-625-2636 to speak to one of our experienced lawyers to know your rights and that you can make a right decision. Muhammad M. Alam, B.comm., LL.B., J.D Managing Barrister ALAM LAW OFFICE – NEW LOGO – Reverse copy (640×320) Disclaimer: This article is intended to supply general information to the public. We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of this information. However, as laws change quickly, the reader should always ensure the accuracy and applicability of such information with respect to their particular case. The information contained in this article cannot replace a thorough and complete review of the reader’s situation by competent legal counsel who has had an opportunity to review all of the facts.