6 Foods That Grow Hair Fast And Burn Belly Fat

(Picture Credits: Pixabay)
(Picture Credits: Pixabay)

While having the right body shape and hair is mostly associated with beauty and fashion, belly fat and hair fall could be an indicator of a nutrient deficiency or any other serious medical condition. Belly fat not only puts you at a high risk of developing cardiovascular diseases but is also linked with hair loss. However, it is important to note that some fat burners might have an adverse effect on the hair and may lead to excessive hair fall. This Total Shape writeup discusses it in detail. In this article, we are going to discuss the most effective 6 food items that help you reduce belly fat and hair fall.

Avocados: They are an excellent source of vitamin E. It has antioxidant properties and monounsaturated fats that are proven to prevent body fat distribution around the bellies and also prevent hair loss. In a study published in Nutrition Journal, participants who ate half a fresh avocado with lunch reported a 40 percent decreased desire to eat for hours later. Avocados are low in carbs but rich in fiber and other nutrients such as potassium, copper, niacin, magnesium, manganese, and riboflavin that are considered very effective for weight loss and healthy growth of hair.

 Eggs:  A lack of protein in the diet is often a major reason for hair fall since the hair follicles are made of mostly protein. Eggs are a great source of protein and biotin that are very effective in promoting hair growth. It is also a great source of important nutrients such as zinc and selenium. Since eggs are usually heavy and make you feel full after small consumption, it greatly helps in cutting down on the extra intake of food. The calorie content of one large egg is around 80 and protein is 6 gm which makes it an ideal food to include in your weight loss diet. 

(Picture Credits: Pixabay)

Spinach: It is one of the most effective and easily available plant-based source of iron that is conducive for hair growth. The high iron content of spinach fuels the metabolism of the body that helps to reduce body weight, especially belly fat. Spinach has a unique chlorophyll-bearing plant ingredient, thylakoid that suppresses hunger. The low calorie and high protein content makes it ideal for weight loss and hair growth. In addition to that, spinach has a high water content that helps to flush out the toxins and keeps the body hydrated.



Fish: It is high in protein, Omega fatty acids and has a low calorie and content that makes it an ideal food for both weight loss and hair growth. The Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids of fish not only reduce hair loss but help in growing new and stronger hair. It is also rich in Vitamin C, D, and selenium that promote the growth of strong and healthy hair.

Berries: They are a rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants that help in promoting hair growth and reducing belly fat. Vitamin C helps to produce collagen in the body that adds strength to the hair. It also helps to better absorb iron from the food which is both good for hair growth and weight loss. In addition to that, it has high water and fiber content speeds up the metabolism and helps one feel fuller which cuts down excessive eating.

Green Tea: Green tea with the help of a flavonoid, catechin is known to help in reducing dihydrotestosterone (DTH) which is one of the most prominent reasons for hair fall.

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It is also rich in polyphenols that promote the growth of healthy hair. Besides reducing DTH, catechin in green tea also speeds up the metabolism of the body that helps in reducing belly fat. It also helps to cut down excess fat in the body by increasing the amount of energy the body uses.

Hence, we see that just by making small adjustments in our regular diet we can reduce the problem of hair loss and excess weight. Besides the benefits given above, these food items are rich in nutrients that are necessary for the overall growth and development of the body. Therefore, they must be incorporated into your daily meals.

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