A Low-Fat Recipe To Feed Your Craving: Granola Yogurt Parfait

Indulge in low fat dessert.Granola Parfait Pic: IANS

Desserts have the ability to make us feel happy. In these trying times, a portion of a heavenly dessert is all we are looking for. Here are some easy, delicious and low fat dessert recipes to feed those cravings without the additional guilt, shared by Chef Steffi Tellis Assistant Professor-Food Production ITM Institution of Hotel Management in New Delhi.

Granola Yogurt Parfait


100 gms low fat yogurt

2 tbsp Honey

100 gms fresh fruits of choice (peach, grapes, pomegranate etc.)

100 gms Granola*

Mint Sprig- to garnish

To prepare Granola

40 gms Rolled oats

20 gms Almonds

20 gms Cashewnuts

20 gms Raisins

20 gms Dried Cranberries

1 tsp Cinnamon Powder

A pinch of Salt

4 Tbsp Honey


To prepare Granola

Slice the almonds and cashewnuts. Mix the sliced almonds, cashewnuts, raisins, cinnamon powder and salt in a bowl.

Add the honey and mix until well coated. Line a baking tray with a butter paper and spread the mixture evenly on it.

Bake at 160�C for in a pre-heated oven for 20 minutes or until lightly golden. Allow to cool and add the dried cranberries.

To prepare Parfait

Drain the yogurt on a strainer for 10 minutes. Whisk the drained yogurt with honey until smooth.

Slice the peach, grapes, banana,strawberry and mango. Separate the pomegranate seeds. Other berries could be used whole. Using a tall glass – make layers of Granola, yogurt and fruits. Repeat until the brim of the glass. Top with more fruits.

Garnish with a mint sprig. Serve immediately.