Amar Karma’s Annual ‘Give A Heart’ Event

Some of Amar Karma volunteers - the ‘Give A Heart’ event will be held on February 6.

Peel region: Amar Karma’s 11th annual Give a Heart event will be held on February 6, 2021, between 7pm-9pm. This year the theme is: Spreading Love During Covid. The organization said in a statement:

“We will focus on highlighting how important it is to consider becoming registered organ and tissue donors to help Canadians who need a transplant.

Along with that, we want to reach out to families who are in anticipation of the arrival of a new-born baby to donate umbilical cord blood to share happiness with those who need a bone-marrow match.”

History of the event: In its 11th year, Give A Heart is an annual gala that began in 2011 when a group of youth decided that they wanted to display a more meaningful take on how they celebrated Valentine’s Day.

In February 2011, the first gala took place in Brampton, where a group that was turning 16 proudly announced on stage that they had signed up to become registered organ and tissue donors.

The legacy continues each year and that segment is called Special Sixteen. Messages of expressing love towards others are portrayed in the most entertaining ways, in segments such as ‘1-Min Advocate Challenge’ where youth choose a topic to depict in an amusing way they choose.

“Who are we? We are Canada’s first South Asian Organization formed to create an impactful buzz about organ and tissue donation over the past decade. As a non-profit network, we are a well-connected volunteer group within the South Asian community that raises awareness about promoting health and wellness in the community. We have now taken it upon ourselves to focus on and spread the word about more aspects of health and wellness.

“This includes the importance of blood donation, umbilical cord blood donation, hair donation, physical and mental disabilities. Amar Karma also works on overcoming the stigma associated with nutrition, exercise, and the maintenance of good health.

“We do this by organizing seminars, workshops, producing and exhibiting educational theatrical productions, and by collecting and disseminating information on those subjects. As a result of our efforts, we hope that the members of our community can make collective strides in contributing to a healthier society.