Amin Dhillon Seeking Liberal Nomination In Brampton Centre Riding

Amin Dhillon

Brampton: Popular community host and reporter Amin Dhillon has announced she is seeking the federal Liberal nomination in Brampton Centre.

Dhillon said; “I’ve always strived to be a voice for the community and use my platform to amplify voices that reflect our diversity. After a decade serving you in the media, today I am officially announcing I am seeking the federal Liberal nomination for Brampton Centre.”

Dhillon was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba and made history as the first woman from Manitoba to win the Miss India Worldwide Canada title.

After representing Canada at the International Miss India Worldwide pageant, placing in the Top 10, Dhillon moved to Toronto to pursue a career in media.

Over the last decade, Dhillon has been a national TV host, producer, and community ambassador in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). She is an advocate for diversity and inclusion, known for reporting effortlessly on topics such as gender equality and racial discrimination to global entertainment and community events.

“Brampton holds a special place in my heart. This is where I’ve built my career. From my very first TV shoot to covering some of my biggest interviews to date. I love this community, I love the people in the riding, and I’ve been connected to the city for so long.

“I normally spend my days being out in the community and hearing the issues they are facing. I’ve been working with various community groups and leaders …and help promote Brampton’s vast cultural events and initiatives. The people of Brampton have always been so good to me.

“This really motivates me… I think I could be the voice to really advocate for them.” Dhillon
has been a regular face in the community as an emcee, hosting events throughout the GTA
including Vibrant Brampton, Bollywood Monster Mashup, Festival of South Asia. Her podcast “In Conversation with Amin Dhillon” can be heard on Youtube.