Anupam Kher self-quarantines on returning from New York

Anupam Kher to self quarantine himself as he returns from New York.

Veteran actor Anupam Kher, who flew down from New York to India on Saturday, has decided to self-quarantine himself amid the coronavirus outbreak.

“Finally landed in Mumbai from NY after four months. It was so gratifying to see how strictly but politely and competently our authorities at the airport are dealing with #Corona situation. India is really setting up an example of how to deal with the crises. Proud of the authorities and the people,” the actor wrote on Instagram.

Kher also posted a video of Mumbai aiport to show how stringently checking procedures were being implemented by the authorities.

Reacting to Anupam’s post, actor Varun Dhawan wrote: “Take care Anupam uncle… sending lots of love and good wishes.”

In response to Varun’s comment, Anupam shared that he would “follow the mandatory self- quarantine”.