Applications Called For Toronto’s 3Rs Ambassador Movement

The goal is to have one 3R Ambassador in every building. Pic: City of Toronto

TORONTO: Are you interested in reducing the amount of waste in your apartment, condominium or co-op building?

Learn more about the City of Toronto’s 3Rs Ambassador Volunteer Program and apply today at Note that due to COVID-19, the 3Rs Ambassador Program is not currently conducting in-person activities, including training.

Online training is currently being offered and volunteers are encouraged to conduct online education and engagement activities for residents in their buildings.

Those eligible for the Program are encouraged to submit a volunteer application and staff will follow up within 10 business days.

The 3Rs Ambassador Program engages volunteers in apartments, condos and coops to help promote the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle). Ambassadors can tailor programs to suit their building and other residents.

The long-term goal is to have at least one 3Rs Ambassador in each apartment, condo and co-op building.

Becoming a 3Rs Ambassador is a great way to:
• help the City increase waste diversion and reduce recycling contamination in multi-residential buildings

• help reduce environmental impacts

• reduce your building’s garbage costs

• get to know your neighbours

• meet people who are passionate about waste management

• earn volunteer hours (10 hours/month is recommended but not required)


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