Arpan Khanna Discusses Housing with OREA CEO Tim Hudak


Arpan Khanna, Conservative Candidate for Brampton North, concludes productive meeting with Tim Hudak, CEO of the Ontario Real Estate Association

Toronto, ON – The CEO of the Ontario Real Estate Association, Tim Hudak, met with the Conservative Candidate for Brampton North, Arpan Khanna.

Khanna and Hudak had a discussion about the Liberal government’s mortgage stress test and the lack of action to increase supply in the market. The current rules and environment make it more difficult for first-time homebuyers to own a home.


Young families and first time homebuyers are struggling to enter the market due Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government’s self-imposed barriers to home ownership. Over the last year, Khanna has been meeting with industry leaders including mortgage professionals, real estate brokerages and families who have all shared their concerns with the changes to the mortgage rules by the Trudeau government.

Khanna stressed that we need to fix the harsh one-size-fits all mortgage ‘stress test’ by moving to a more flexible and reasonable mortgage stress test along with removing red tape so we can increase supply in the housing market.

“Home ownership is a Canadian dream but becoming out of reach for many.  With the average cost of houses in Brampton approximately $750,000, we need to find ways to reduce barriers to ownership and make it more affordable. First-time homebuyers who can keep up with mortgage payments shouldn’t be shut out of the market.” – Arpan Khanna, Conservative Candidate – Brampton North

“When a Conservative government led by Andrew Scheer is elected in October, we will make it a priority to ensure owning a home is a realistic dream for all Canadians, and immediately review the stress test.” – Arpan Khanna, Conservative Candidate – Brampton North