Art of the Cut Hollywood dreams turn real for young VFX editor Ashish Raisinghani

Ashish Raisinghani
Ashish Raisinghani

Getting lead editor credit for a film on the festival circuit is a thrilling new turn for Ashish Raisinghani, but the 24-year-old editor has always entertained the dream of a behind-the-scenes career in Hollywood.

Still, it is quite rewarding to see addiction-centric short K-Hole set for screening at the likes of the Toronto International Film Festival, the Vancouver International Film Festival, the Atlanta Film Festival, the Portland Film Festival and the SXSW Film Festival.

Born from an early love for films like alien invasion classic Independence Day
and the second instalment in the genre-defining Terminator series, and nurtured through his study of post-production at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), Raisinghani’s editing skills have turned him into one of the industry’s youngest VFX editors.

Today, Raisinghani is a part of the VFX team at LA’s Ingenuity Studios, routinely
editing, stitching together and adding final touches to multiple shows on popular networks such as ABC and Disney. Simultaneously, Raisinghani also has another short in the works — indie family drama Willie’s Letter.

Through an early stint at Atlanta-based Crazy Legs Production, Raisinghani has
also worked on shows such as Your Worst Nightmare, Dead Silent and To Catch
a Killer for Investigation Discovery, and TLC’s Family by the Ton.

During his time in Atlanta, he has also worked as lead editor for non-profit organisation 411 Brand, dedicated to creating avenues for teens, and on projects for Canadian company ADUX Media and English performer Julius Dein.

Now that he has lifted and stepped behind the VFX curtain, Raisinghani hopes
to go on to tailor fantastical realities for some of Hollywood’s cinematic