ASE System Coming Soon To Tackle The Speeding Problem In Mississauga


MISSISSAUGA: Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) is coming soon to Mississauga. This system uses a camera and a speed measurement device to help enforce speed limits in school area community safety zones.

Speeding is a serious problem on Mississauga roads. ASE will help make the streets safer for everyone by encouraging drivers to slow down and obey the speed limit.

When a vehicle exceeds the posted speed limit in an ASE area, the ASE system captures an image. Then, a provincial offences officer reviews the image and issues a ticket.

The ticket, including a digital copy of the image and an enlargement of the license plate, is mailed to the registered plate holder within 30 days of the offence. Tickets are issued to the owner of the vehicle regardless of who was driving. No demerit points will be issued and the registered owner’s driving record will not be impacted.

The ASE program will be activated in school area community safety zones where speeding has proven to be a consistent problem.

Signs about the ASE system are now being installed around
Mississauga. Pics: City of Mississauga

The first two ASE locations are:

• Morning Star Drive, between Lancaster Avenue and Netherwood Road (Ward 5)

• Sawmill Valley Drive between Folkway Drive and Grosvenor Place (Ward 8) Advance notice signs are now installed in these locations. Once the 90-day notice period is complete, the cameras will begin operating and charges will be issued to vehicles that exceed the posted speed limit. ASE cameras will rotate to new locations on a monthly basis. The next four ASE locations are:

• Mississauga Valley Boulevard between Voltarie Crescent and Silver Creek Boulevard (Ward 4)

• Whitehorn Avenue between Weir Chase and Pickwick Drive (Ward 6)

• Cedar Creek Drive between Runningbrook Drive and Lexicon Drive (Ward 3)

• Old Derry Road between Second Line West and Gooderham Estate Boulevard (Ward 11) All ASE sites will be marked with clear signage before the cameras are installed and while they are in operation. The ASE program is expanding to allow for more camera locations. Details for each location will be added to this page as new sites are selected.

According to Ontario Regulations, ASE Cameras can only be installed in community safety zones where the speed limit is less than 80 km/h. As part of the Neighbourhood Area Speed Limit project, the City is identifying school area community safety zones and lowering speed limits across Mississauga. This will help make our streets safer and prepare for new ASE locations.

As new speed limits are put in place, the City will determine which areas are best suited for ASE cameras. The locations for each camera are prioritized using a data-driven approach that considers the severity of speeding in the area and other factors such as traffic and pedestrian volumes, collision history and site suitability. You can post a ‘Please Slow Down’ lawn sign on your property to encourage safe driving and to lower vehicle speeds on your street.

The signs are produced by the City and are free. Where you can place your sign You must ensure that your sign doesn’t create any obstruction or hazard for road users. The signs must:

• Only be placed directly on or in front of your property

• Be set-back a minimum of two feet from the curb or the edge of the road

• Not obstruct the road, median, traffic island, sidewalk, bicycle path or multi-use trail

• Be placed three metres or more from a fire hydrant

• Be inserted into the ground using the wire frame only Your sign may be removed or relocated at any time if it is unsafe. Please make sure your lawn sign is safely maintained and replace it when:

• The wire frame becomes damaged, bent, dislodged from the ground

• The plastic covering is damaged or removed

• The sign has other safety issues or cannot stay secured into the ground.


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