Autonomous Ev Star Shuttle To Undergo Transit Testing

GreenPower EV Star shuttle. Pic: GreenPower/C

LOS ANGELES: GreenPower Motor Company Inc., a leading manufacturer and distributor of zero-emissions electric-powered vehicles serving the delivery and cargo, micro-transit, private transportation, and school bus markets, has announced the development of the first fully autonomous EV Star shuttle to undergo testing for transit applications.

Perrone Robotics (PRI) is currently integrating the autonomous components and, once complete, will deliver the vehicle to the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA).

JTA Chief Executive Officer Nathaniel P. Ford Sr said: “This work is laying the foundation for what will be the nation’s first public transportation network powered by autonomous vehicles.”

The JTA is currently developing autonomous vehicle solutions for Jacksonville and has been
working with AV technology since 2017. In addition to developing a public transportation network in downtown Jacksonville, the JTA is working with local colleges, medical campuses and other partners to further validate and gain acceptance for this technology.

The fully autonomous EV Star is expected to enter service later this year. Brendan Riley, President of GreenPower commented, “This delivery will mark the first fully autonomous transit bus in the United States entering test operations and we are thrilled to partner with Perrone Robotics to serve this industry-leading AV program with the JTA. The speed with which the fully autonomous transit market is evolving is remarkable.”

GreenPower continues to leverage its flagship EV Star Platform with four distinct models serving the cargo delivery, paratransit, private shuttle, and micro transit markets. The EV Star is the only bus in its class that comes with a standard J1772 level 2 fast charging and CCS DC fast combo charge system. – CNW


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