Bajpayee, Anubhav Sinha Collaborate On Bhojpuri Music Video

Bambai mein ka ba.

Mumbai: Actor Manoj Bajpayee and filmmaker Anubhav Sinha have come together for a Bhojpuri music video, titled Bambai mein ka ba. Bihari actor Manoj’s excitement about a Bhojpuri video is obvious.

He tweeted on Saturday: “BREAKING!!! Bringing you a BHOJPURI RAP on the plight of the migrants!! Recited and sung a little bit by yours truly. Song by Sagar concept and video by our friend @anubhavsinha.”

Manoj also mentioned that the song will be out soon. Also hailing from Bihar, Anubhav Sinha always cherished listening to Bhojpuri music during his growing up years, but the producer-director feels the culturally-rich music has lost its charm over a period of time.

With the aim of reviving Bhojpuri music and giving back to his roots, Sinha has created, directed, and produced “Bambai mein ka ba” featuring Manoj.

“I have been wanting to do a Bhojpuri song for the longest time,” said Sinha. “I grew up in Bhojpuri environment in the mid-70s and not many people even now realize that those days, Bhojpuri music used to be very classy. It was an integral part of Bollywood as Punjabi
music is today. There are classic Bhojpuri-based Bollywood numbers like ‘Nain lad jai hai to manva ma’ and ‘Chalat musafir moh liya re’ among others.

This is how Bhojpuri music was to Bollywood and even to mainstream Bhojpuri music which used to play in educated people’s homes back then. But now in the last 25 to 30 years, he feels that Bhojpuri music became “double-meaning and crass,” he added.

“It left people’s homes and got into paan shops and chai shops and places like those where another kind of mass would consume it but the families who used to listen to it, got gradually cut off from Bhojpuri music.

“Since I belong to that part of the country, I can tell you that the percentage of people who
consume this music earlier is way larger than the people who consume Bhojpuri music today. In the past 10 years, I have been wanting to revive Bhojpuri music by making a classy, meaningful song, something which all generation can together consume it,” shared Sinha.