Baked avocado and Feta eggs – a great breakfast!

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(NC) The word “superfood” gets tossed around a lot these days, but when it comes to helping with arthritis, avocados may actually fit the bill. Research shows they have anti-inflammatory benefits similar to olive oil.

Enjoy their taste and health benefits with this easy recipe from dietitians at the Arthritis Society. This recipe can be a very satisfying breakfast that keeps you full until lunchtime. Try it with a slice of whole-grain (and, if necessary, gluten-free) toast and kalamata olives.

Baked Avocado and Feta Eggs

Prep time: 5 minutes
Cook time: 15-20 minutes
Serves: 4 (half avocado and one egg per serving)


  • 2 avocados (large work best)
  • 4 eggs
  • 1-2 green onions, chopped
  • 4 tbsp feta cheese, shredded (can be purchased pre-shredded)
  • Paprika, dried basil, salt and pepper, sprinkled to taste
  • 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • Fresh parsley


  1. Preheat over to 425°F (218°C).
  2. Cut each avocado in half and remove pit. Fill each half with an egg. It might be easier to pour the egg into a bowl first, then into the avocado.
  3. Add green onions, paprika, salt, pepper and basil to taste, then drizzle with olive oil.
  4. Bake in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes, depending on how firm you like your egg yolks. 
  5. Sprinkle feta cheese over each egg, then top with parsley and serve immediately.

Nutritional information (per serving): Calories: 271; total fat 24g; saturated fat 5g; monounsaturated fat 12g; carbohydrates 7g; fibre 6g; sodium 154mg.


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