Ban TikTok in India completely, says Kushal Tandon

Mumbai: Television actor Kushal Tandon

Actor Kushal Tandon is totally against the use of TikTok application in India, especially amid the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. Not only this, he has demanded a ban on the app that originated in China.

“While the whole world is f****d coz of China, but still guess what are Indians and many others are giving them the revenue from s*** #tikTok, while China made TikTok for people who were useless and who had nothing to do, and look at us all haha, every one is on TikTok, ban TikTok …proud of never using TikTok,” Kunal wrote on Instagram.

Kushal’s post comes after Vivek Dahiya showed his support for the application.

“For those suggesting we should ban made In China. remember — the mobile phone you use to express your thoughts about banning an app was also assembled in the same part of the world so are 7 out of 10 products in every average household. China is branded the manufacturer of the world, whether we like it or not. Am pretty sure the founder of this app was not responsible for conspiring the coronavirus. Additionally, Hydroxycioroquine used for recovery is either made In India or China. The bottom line is. we are all interdependant in this global marketplace. II one nation is a Buyer, then the other is a Seller. and both need one another to move forward. towards a single Goal of prosperity. Unless of course, we are fully self sufficient in everything but no such example exists,” Vivek had said.