BAPS Distributes More Indian Food Packs


Spices & Sweets Given To Seniors, Vulnerable Families In BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan & Manitoba

TORONTO: BAPS Charities in collaboration with BAPS Shayona, Canada, distributed an additional 1,845 food care packages containing fresh Indian snacks, spices and sweets to seniors, international students and vulnerable families in the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

The initiative was a joint effort of the volunteers of BAPS Charities and BAPS Shayona for the packing and distribution of the food packages. This donation is in addition to the 1,300 care packages recently distributed to individuals and families within the Greater Toronto Area.

“We received requests from community members in four provinces to organize and provide Indian snacks and sweets to families and individuals who are confined to their homes”,  said Yogi Patel, Director of Operations.  

“BAPS Shayona was able to prepare the required quantity of snacks. We were able to have the snacks shipped with the help of East and West Transportation, who undertook the task of getting these care packages delivered to these provinces. It is very heartwarming to see individuals coming forward to help us”

“We thank BAPS Charities for providing the community with the snacks, sweets and spices. The social distancing and self-isolation rules require everyone to stay indoors as much as possible and thus the support is much appreciated”, commented Rajni Patel, Director, Gujarati Pacific Council of Canada.

To date, BAPS Charities has distributed 3,145 care packages to seniors, students and families across Canada.

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