Be honest, Kashmir was never yours, Islamic scholar to Pak

FILE - In this Thursday, Aug. 8, 2019, file photo, Indians at an electronics store in Jammu, India watch Prime Minister Narendra Modi address the nation on Kashmir in a televised speech. Modi’s Hindu nationalist government last week revoked an article in India’s constitution dating from shortly after independence from British rule, arguing that Kashmir’s special status had cultivated a sense of separatism that was exploited by India’s nuclear rival Pakistan, and choked development. (AP Photo/Channi Anand, File)

New Delhi,  Kashmir was never a part of Pakistan, or will be a part of it, a controversial Islamic scholar has told Pakistan, asking it to face the situation with “honesty”.

“Kashmir was never part of Pakistan. Kashmir will never be part of Pakistan. Both Pakistan and Kashmir belong to India. Muslims converting from Hinduism to Islam… doesn’t change the fact that the entire region is Hindu Land. India is older than Islam let alone Pakistan. Be honest..,” Imam Mohamad Tawhidi said in a tweet.

Tawhidi, whose Twitter handle “@imam of peace”, describes him as a “peace advocate”, a “reformist imam”, and “national bestselling author”, who rejects extremists, and both the far-left/far-right”, had even earlier said his position was consistent that Kashmir was “Hindu land” that never belonged to Pakistan, and he re-affirmed this during his last visit to India.