‘Bigg Boss 13’: Rashami Desai calls it off with Arhaan Khan

Rashami Desai

“Bigg Boss 13” contestant Rashami Desai has called it off with beau Arhaan Khan.

In a promo clip of the show, Rashami is seen expressing her intention to end the affair, although Arhaan is not done yet.

In a press conference of held inside the “Bigg Boss” house, when Rashami was asked about her relationship with Arhaan, she said that she does not see a future with him, and is clear about that.

“No if, no but, I am done,” Rashamai declared, reports timesofindia.indiatimes.com.

In the episode that aired on Monday, TV actress and former contestant Devoleena Bhattacharya was seen telling Rashami how Arhaan was using her.

Rashami replied saying that she wants to close Arhaan’s chapter forever.

Devoleena and Arti Singh have constantly warned Rashami against Arhaan, though it’s hard to gauge how much that might have influenced Rashami’s decision.

In a previous episode, Arhaan was once again accused of hiding the fact that he has a child from his previous marriage. But this time, Rashami said that she wasn’t even aware of his previous marriage.

In an interview Arhaan countered Rashami’s claim of not knowing about his previous marriage and said: “Rashami knew about my marriage before she entered the house. She didn’t know about the child, though. I would have told her at the right time.”

Unhappy with Devoleena and Arti talking ill about him, Arhaan said: “They don’t know me well to say such things about me, but it’s more hurtful to see Rashami take it quietly. She should take a stand for our relationship and it should not be subjected to insult and mindless scrutiny. I have been projected as a villain and it’s humiliating. I am sure that her actions or silence could be a result of circumstances and situations inside the house.

“I feel a lot of things pertaining to our relationship, which put me in the dock, could have been averted had Rashami spoken up.”

Arhaan is in no rush to end his relationship, reports timesofindia.indiatimes.com.

He said: “I kept quiet about a lot of things, as my relationship with Rashami was more important than the game. It’s not over from my end, as I would like to meet and speak with her after she comes out of the house.”