Bishwa found his fit at a proven franchise with COBS Bread


Bishwa Pati has been a franchisee for almost 5 years with COBS Bread. Having moved from Calcutta,India, Bishwa was looking for an opportunity and investment that was right for him- and he decided on applying to become a COBS Bread franchisee. Read on to see why he felt like COBS was the right fit.

Why did you decide buying a franchise was the right choice for you and your family?
It was important for me to own my own business. Business can be risky, but this fit into my comfort level. COBS was a good fit as I was looking for something that had proven results.

What experience from your past has been the most helpful in your role as franchisee?
I have been a chef and managed kitchens. That experience helped me with managing people. I also worked with hotels and cruise ships, and that gave me experience with balancing budgets, including food costs and labour costs. It wasn’t too hard to translate into COBS and how we operate.

How Would You Describe Your Style as a Franchisee?
I like to be very hands on. Every day, I am working in the bakery. If you are present, it motivates people around you and you know what’s going on in your bakery, and it helps you correct situations as they arise.

Any other advice for running your bakery?
Building up a strong team is invaluable. Some of my bakers have been here since the opening, as well as my bakery manager. It really helps! I also have a Sales Manager who helps manage sales associates. I have a really solid team.

I have had a good experience with COBS. We can get a consistent product that speaks for itself across all the bakeries. We have good systems which help with consistency across all of our bakeries. Very happy to have taken a franchise and want to take another one soon! It’s been a great ride.
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