‘Black fungus’ suspect admitted in Srinagar hospital

black fungus.

A patient suspected of black fungus infection was admitted to a hospital on Sunday in Srinagar city.

Doctors at the government dental college said a patient suspected of mucormycosis is admitted in the hospital.

“The patient is a post-Covid patient. He had tested positive on May 5 and recovered later.

“He has been on long term use of steroids and is suffering from uncontrolled diabetes. This makes the patient highly vulnerable to opportunistic fungal infection.

“We will be taking a biopsy of the infected tissue and the confirmation would be received in two days,” a senior doctor at the dental college said.

The doctor at the dental college confirmed that a black fungus patient was successfully treated by them in November 2020.

A patient stricken with black fungal infection succumbed at the government medical college hospital in Jammu on Friday.