Boost Resale Value Of Your Car With These Strategies


Vehicles begin depreciating in value the minute you drive them off the dealer’s lot. To get top dollar when you do sell or trade in your vehicle, be sure that you follow these strategiesllow the recommended maintenance schedule. Your car’s manufacturer provides a maintenance schedule that is designed to keep your vehicle running at peak efficiency. It might seem expensive and you may be tempted to skip some appointments, but if you are diligent with maintenance, the cost will repay itself when you have a finely tuned automobile to sell.

2. Rustproofing. Many car deficiencies need a mechanic to spot them, but everyone sees rust, which is why it’s one of the most negative factors when selling a car. Regular rustproofing will keep corrosion away and pay off when you are negotiating a sale price for your used vehicle. A University of Windsor study found that untreated vehicles had 6.8 times more visible corrosion on body panels than cars that benefitted from Krown Rust Control treatment, while underbody parts had 3.6 times more corrosion.

3. Keep the mileage down. The more mileage you put on your vehicle, the lower its resale value will be.

It’s not easy to minimize the use of your car, but some trips are avoidable so if you don’t need to use your car, don’t. Walk, bike or take a bus when you can. It’s good for your health, your wallet and lets you keep your car longer.

4. Keep on top of minor repairs. Tiny dents and scratches have a way of getting bigger and uglier over time, so be sure to deal with them as soon as they appear. Keeping the surface in top shape preserves its aesthetic appeal for longer.

5. Park defensively. Collisions can happen anywhere, but parking lots can be an especially dangerous place for your car. If you can, park in a way that minimizes the odds of someone bumping in to it or banging it with their door. It’s nice to be close to the store entrance, but if you can park away from the crowd or in a way that give yourself lots of space from other vehicles, it might save you a trip to the body shop.