BR Measles Vaccination


The British Columbia government is considering mandatory vaccination registration after the outbreak of measles in the province.


Health Minister Adrian Dix is promising action soon because of the nine cases of measles in Vancouver that started when an unvaccinated child contracted the disease on a family trip to Vietnam.

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The minister says he wants everyone to be protected and while the government has a universal system for vaccinations, parents still need to ensure their children are protected.

Dix says there are some people who are expressing opposition to immunization, while others can’t be immunized for medical reasons and some simply fall through the cracks.

About three dozen students and staff at two French-language schools at the centre of a measles outbreak have been ordered to stay home because they haven’t provided proof of vaccination.

Dix says Ontario has a registration system for vaccinations, making it more difficult to miss vaccinations and he wants B-C to have a similar model.