BR Youth Vaping


Health Canada says it will be stepping up efforts to educate youth about the health risks of vaping.

The agency says it’s launched a campaign to raise awareness of the issue.

Phase one got underway last month with ads urging parents to have conversations with their kids about vaping and its health risks.

It says the next phase rolls out next month and will target kids between 13 and 18.

Health Canada says this part of the campaign will feature ads as well as hands-on education sessions at schools and community hubs.

It says it’s heard anecdotal evidence that vaping is on the rise in Canada and points to hard data coming out of the United States.

Last month, a study at the University of Michigan that’s been tracking youth substance use for 44 years reported a huge spike in the number of people using e-cigarettes, a type of vaping device.

The study found the number of people using them had doubled from the level it logged the year before.