Brampton Auto Insurance ll Sara Singh Exclusive Interview ll VNN Special


#SaraSingh #AutoInsurance #NDP

Q1. What have you accomplished during the past four years?

Q2.  The subject of Autism services cuts!

Q3.  What is this issues about Education cuts by Government?

Q4. Don’t you think that socialist ideology has been 

      discredited & is not relevant anymore?

Q5. Jagmeet Singh says he will support the 

       Liberals – not the Conservatives ?

Q6. Why is the NDP silent on the illegal asylum seekers?

Q7. Jagmeet Singh says 500,000 homes will be built across Canada. Where will the money come from?

Q8. False promises are made by politicians on Auto Insurance. 

       What is your take on that?

Q9. Are you introducing any new bill in Parliament? 

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