Brampton City Hall – Indian Republic Day celebrations – 2


Brampton: India’s 70th Republic Day was celebrated with a flag-hoisting ceremony and a cultural program at the Brampton City Hall on Sunday.

From top left: Consul-General Dinesh Bhatia, ICHF Board Chair Praveen Verma, ICCC President Pramod Goyal, MP Ramesh Sangha, MP Rubi Sahota and MP Sonia Sidhu speaking at the celebrations at Brampton City Hall.

This was the first time in history that such an event was being held at City Hall.

From top left: MPP Nina Tangri, MPP Amarjot Sandhu, ICHF President Kuldeep Sharma, Mayor Patrick Brown with CG Dinesh Bhatia and his wife/

The event was organized by the Indo-Canadian Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with Brampton City and the Indo-Canadian Harmony Forum. (See part 1 here….)