Brampton Plow Tracker Helps Residents Plan Trips

A snow plow in action on a Brampton street. Picture: City of Brampton

BRAMPTON: Being winter-ready is a team effort, and each year, staff from across the City are dedicated to clearing the way.

“While our committed Public Works and Engineering, Service Brampton and By-law Enforcement teams may be what comes to mind when you think about all things snow clearing, there are many other departments working together behind the scenes who do their part to make the season safer for all in Brampton,” the City said in a statement.

Last year, the City launched its Plow Tracker on, an effort from Public Works, Digital Innovation and IT and Service Brampton.

The Plow Tracker lets residents see which roads and sidewalks crews have cleared in real time. New this year, the Plow Tracker can also be found on the 311 mobile app, available on Google Play or the App Store. Using this tool, residents can check snow maintenance progress, road priorities, and if a plow is near them.

“The Plow Tracker presents our large winter operations into an accessible, user-friendly mobile application,” says Kumanan Gopalasamy, Chief Information Officer at the City.

“Residents and businesses can download the 311 app and access the Plow Tracker tool to see the status of different operations, as well as submit a service request for action, if needed.

“One of the benefits for drivers is being able to better plan their daily trips after a heavy snowfall by checking to see which roads have already been cleared.”

On December 9, the City presented a video on City snow fleet tracking and leading the charge at Technicity, a conference that explored innovative digital strategies and tools used by Toronto Area municipalities to drive efficiency, collaboration, and security internally while improving interaction with taxpayers.

“Brampton is a Well-Run City, and we are dedicated to continuously improving day-to-day operations and service delivery for our residents,” says Harkirat Singh, City Councillor, Wards 9 and 10 and Chair, Corporate Services.

“The Plow Tracker keeps Bramptonians informed on the status of local snow operations, and allows them to plan their trips during snow events in a safe manner.”

Brampton City Council and staff strive to provide excellent, around-the-clock service to keep Brampton safe each winter and are constantly working to improve operations to make the season more enjoyable for all.

“One of our largest operations at the City is responding to winter conditions. We are committed to making the season safe and enjoyable for our residents, and maintaining 3,986 lane kilometers of roads, 2,462 transit stops and 979 kilometers of sidewalks/
walkways annually” says Paul Vicente, Regional Councillor, Wards 1 and 5 and Chair, Public Works and Engineering.

“When everyone does their part to keep our community winter-ready – including residents, who we ask to keep their vehicles off the road during snowfalls and their residential sidewalks clear – we can all get to where we need to, safely.”

For more information on snow in Brampton, visit, and to download the 311 app visit Google Play or the App Store from your device.