Brampton Releases Updated Environmental Blueprint With 60 High-Impact Actions

The Grow Green EMP is a living document that will grow with the City. Pics: City of Brampton

BRAMPTON: City Council has unanimously approved the update of the Brampton Grow Green Environmental Master Plan (EMP), building on its commitment to being a Green City.

The update of this pivotal document highlights the City of Brampton’s environmental successes and how the environmental priorities have evolved since the EMP was first released in 2014, and provides a refreshed Action Plan to drive these goals forward.

The Action Plan features 60 high-impact actions that chart the course for a greener city over the next decade, and will accelerate Brampton as a healthy, resilient, and environmentally sustainable community.

These actions include expanding the Community Gardens program, pursuing a Bee City designation, establishing a Climate Change Adaptation Plan, and creating water efficiency strategies for City facilities.

Building upon the foundational work that is already underway, the City and its partners will continue to educate, excite, and empower residents, businesses and community organizations to take action on climate change and environmental sustainability.

The Brampton Grow Green EMP is the City’s blueprint for improving environmental sustainability internally and across the community.

First released in 2014, the EMP outlines a vision, guiding principles, goals and actions for a more sustainable future, and performance metrics and targets to drive and evaluate progress.

The EMP has been the catalyst for many of the City’s plans, policies, projects, and practices that are improving Brampton’s environmental performance, quality of life, and helped the City become an environmental leader in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

The Green EMP is organized around the core components of People, Air, Water, Land, Energy, and Waste, with actions, metrics, and targets identified for each.

Mayor Patrick Brown said: “Brampton City Council has unanimously approved the new Brampton Grow Green Environmental Master Plan. Brampton is a Green City, and we are dedicated to ensuring this Term of Council Priority is reflected in everything we do. The updated Plan is a key document that will strategically drive sustainability forward in Brampton for the next decade.”

Paul Vicente, Chair, Public Works and Engineering; Regional Councillor, Wards 1 & 5, City of
Brampton, said: “We are proud to release the new Brampton Grow Green Environmental Master Plan. This is an action-oriented plan to ensure a more sustainable future for Brampton, incorporating a corporate (City) and community lens in its 60 high-impact actions. I invite everyone to explore the new plan.”


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