Brampton Temple Hosting Spiritual Discourses E-Program


BRAMPTON: The (Lord Krishna) Guruvayurappan Temple Of Brampton (GTOB) is presenting  its enlightening Spiritual Discourse E-Series. The program began on May 16 and continues every Saturday until July 4.

The disrourse is being streamed live via Zoom from 6:00 pm to 7: pm (Video Conferencing) and Facebook Live

To Join the Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 519 241 4849

If prompted for a password, enter: gtob

To Join the Facebook Live

The schedule is: June 6, Vedantik Secrets for Success. Acharya Vivek has lived and studied as a monk under the guidance of Swami Tejomayananda in Chinmaya Mission’s monastery in India. With a wonderful speaking style, Acharya Vivek makes philosophy relevant and reachable to people across cultures and generations. He uniquely weaves the sacred into the secular.

June 13: Interactive Session – Ed Vishwanathan retired from the Department of Safety and Permits, Texas. He is the author of several books – Am I A Hindu, Amazing Secrets of the Bhagwat Gita, Amazing Secrets of Hinduism etc. Am I A Hindu is used in many univrersities in the United States and Canada.

June 20: Srimad Bhagwatam – Wisdom of God. Based in New York, Santos Kumar was the VP of Morgan Stanley. He is a Bhagwatam scholar and yoga enthusiast who learnt under the tutelage of Swami Bue-ji.

July 4: Lesson from the Ramayana for the modern world. Dev Singh (Dev-ji) was born in Canada and after completing a BBA from the University of Toronto, worked for several years as a Chartered Accountant and Certified Internal Auditor. The young seeker completed a two-year residential Vedanta course at the Chinmaya Mission Ashram in Trinidad. He is presently associated with the Chinmaya Mission, Toronto.

If you are not part of the Temple WhatsApp group  yet, and are interested in joining, please click the invite link below: