Brampton’s Nurturing Neighbourhoods 2020 Is Online!


BRAMPTON: The Nurturing Neighbourhoods Program, created in response to Brampton 2040 Vision: Living the Mosaic plan is an innovative way to engage Bramptonians and encourage civic community building.

It provides residents the opportunity to play an active role, and even take the lead, in shaping the future of their neighborhood, with assistance from the City of Brampton.

After all, the best neighborhoods are made by those who live in them! Nurturing Neighbourhoods is going virtual in 2020! There are many ways to participate in the process and have your voice heard.

To take part in the experience, you can watch the virtual walk video, share your comments through an interactive online mapping activity, and provide feedback by taking the neighborhood survey.

Here are some tips to help residents along the way! In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Brampton and Nurturing Neighbourhoods Program is engaging the community in a welcoming, thoughtful, safe, and healthy setting while delivering on the commitments of the program.

• Walk Videos | Staff have recorded this year’s 15 neighborhood walks and posted online. Click on the videos at the Brampton City site and watch the virtual walks! Tools have also been provided online to take the walks independently.

• Neighbourhood Survey | The city wants to understand the neighborhoods and how residents interact with it.

• Online Mapping Tool | allows residents, on the map of their neighborhood, the ability to note opportunities, concerns and changes within the neighborhood.

• One of the actions includes A Complete Neighbourhood Audit as a way of systematically updating and revitalizing neighborhoods to ensure full provisions for comfortable and sustainable living.

In the coming years, these new online tools, in addition to the traditional walks, will continue in an effort to constantly improve, innovate and build on the program, the city said.