Caféto Supporting Over 600 Restaurants

Zoning restrictions on outdoor patios have now been relaxed. Pictures: City of Toronto

TORONTO: The City of Toronto’s CaféTO program, which now supports more than 600 restaurants city-wide with increased dining capacity, will close registration to new applicants this Tuesday, August 11 at noon.

The program is scheduled to end for the season on November 15. Since Toronto entered Stage 3 of the provincial reopening plan, fewer restaurants have been applying for CaféTO.

After Tuesday, program staff will continue helping local businesses by rolling-out remaining approved locations while supporting hundreds of businesses with existing CaféTO locations.

Program staff have been actively approving and installing expanded curb lane and sidewalk
cafés for more than six weeks, since registration opened in June.

CaféTO now supports more than 600 Toronto restaurants in 57 Business Improvement Areas, and 65 restaurants outside Business Improvement Areas. To date, 328 curb lane closures occupy approximately 8,000 metres of roadway to create safer, expanded dining options.

A key component of the CaféTO program is that all locations meet important safety, accessibility and physical distancing guidelines. Municipal bylaw officers, focusing on education first and bylaw enforcement if necessary, will continue to proactively patrol CaféTO areas while also responding to public concerns to ensure patios are safe for customers, employees and the general public, and in compliance with all CaféTO requirements.

Zoning restrictions on outdoor patios have now been relaxed. Pictures: City of Toronto

CaféTO is a quick-start program that makes it easier for restaurant and bar owners to open patios, expand them and access additional space for physical distancing during the summer
months in Toronto.

The program provides more outdoor dining areas by identifying space in the public right-of-way and expediting the current application and permitting process for sidewalk cafés and parklets in accordance with public health guidelines.

Toronto City Council approved the CaféTO program on June 29. The City worked ahead of that date to pre-register as many restaurants as possible and the first curb lane locations were open for business on July 1.

New orders have helped ease zoning restrictions on outdoor patios while allowing for expanded patios on private property, including parking areas.

A cross-divisional action team from various Toronto Public service agencies has overseen the development and implementation of the program.


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