Canada Urged To Ensure ‘Freedom Of Speech Is Not Used To Glorify Terrorists’


GENEVA: India on Friday said it wanted the Justin Trudeau government to ensure that freedom of expression is not misused to incite violence and to glorify as martyrs individuals who are considered terrorists by New Delhi.

This statement was delivered at a session of the universal periodic review of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva by India’s deputy permanent representative Virander Paul during the “Canada – Interactive Dialogue”.

He also asked the Trudeau government to “stop racial profiling and other discriminatory practices by the police and security agencies”.

During his recent visit to India, Trudeau insisted that Canada stood for a “united India”. He also denied allegationsthat Sikh ministers in his government were supporters of Khalistan.

The following is the statement by India:

Mr. President,

India thanks Canada for its national report. We appreciate Canada for initiating measures to ensure rights of the indigenous peoples and for advancing gender equality and women’s empowerment.

2. India recommends the following to Canada:

a)   Implement effective measures to reduce the high levels of poverty, food insecurity of the indigenous peoples and to ensure better access for them to health care, education, adequate housing and other basic necessities.

b)  Remove all discriminatory practices against First Nations Children in access to health, educational and social supports and services.

c)  Implement existing measures effectively for improving gender equality with a view to enhancing women’s participation in decision making, full time employment and equal pay for equal work.

d)  Remove inequality and discrimination faced by persons with disabilities in realization of right to education, work, employment, healthcare, affordable housing and other basic needs.

e)  Stop racial profiling and other discriminatory practices by the police and security agencies.

f)   Strengthen framework to prevent misuse of freedom of expression to incite violence and glorify terrorists as martyrs.

Thank you, Mr. President.

India recently also filed a First Information Report against a Surrey man, Hardeep Singh Nijjar, who it accuses of plotting to carry out a major terrorist attack in India. Nijjar has previously admitted to speaking out in favour of Sikh separatism, but denied being involved in any acts of violence.

India has frequently been pointing out how Liberal politicians and government leaders are found on the same stage where Sikh separatists bash India and at parades where pro-separatists flags are waved along with portraits of alleged terrorists.

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