Canadian Newa Guthi Marks ‘Family Day’


Toronto: Canadian Newa Guthi recently observed “Family Day” in a virtual way. Initiating the program, Guthi’s President Prakash Pradhan highlighted the need of observing “Family Day” by Guthi.

Pradhan added that Family Day was first observed in Ontario in 2008 with the aim of enjoying quality time with the family.

Welcoming the guests, Guthi’s General Secretary Bimal Shrestha stressed the importance of family values for the all-around development of individuals and society.

Avis Shrestha, Guthi’s Youth Committee member and a teenager, expressed how he felt proud to be with his family in Canada. Shrestha said that Newah culture carried the high values of family system for the growth of every individual and felt happy that Canadian Newa Guthi is carrying forward the same legacy that has been traditional in Nepal.

Guthi’s Secretary Dr. Prajwal Pradhan, citing his memories during his study far from his home country, explained the importance of family.

Elucidating about the connection of family day with eastern culture, Dr. Pradhan expressed his happiness that western countries are now adopting eastern values.

Vice President of Guthi Uttam Makaju explained that sociologically the family is an institution and which helps support the wellbeing of all members emotionally, economically and in terms of individual health.

Makaju elucidated how incidental civilization, which focuses on “For the welfare of many, for the happiness of many”, is now being practiced by many people like celebrating “Family Day”.

At the end of the program, guests were entertained with music and songs including a Sitar
recital by Ranjana Sainju.


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