Car Maintenance Is A Year-Round ‘Must Do’ Chore


(NC) Did you know the heat can be hard on your vehicle? It’s easy to forget about giving our vehicle the love and care it deserves until the temperature drops again, but it’s important to look after your vehicle in the warmer months, too.

Keep your ride in peak performance year-round with these four tips.

1. Oil. Keep your vehicle’s engine in top-shape by making sure it’s well hydrated with gas, oil and transmission, steering, coolant, and brake fluids. If an oil change is needed, take care of that before the next heatwave roles in.

2. Battery. If the liquids in your battery evaporate, it can be less effective and compromise the starter’s ability to do its job. Hot temperatures also drive up heat underneath the hood and can accelerate the onset of battery failure. Be proactive about servicing and replacing your battery, especially before a long drive (batteries generally last 3-5 years). Remember that maintenance-free batteries aren’t meant to be opened.

3. Paint. Your vehicle’s paint takes a beating under the sun’s rays, resulting in cracking or peeling over time and leaving your vehicle vulnerable to corrosion. Wax your car for extra sun and dust protection and choose a shaded parking spot whenever possible. An added bonus is that your seats won’t be as hot as when left in the sun.

4. Insurance. In the midst of road trips and adventures, be sure to check your insurance
policy to make sure you have the coverage you need for any long drives. Some providers like Belairdirect have an app that holds all your insurance documents including your proof of insurance. You can also make the necessary changes to your insurance at your fingertips.

If you’re taking a vehicle out of storage, it will need a complete top-up and be checked over to ensure it’s ready to be up and running. Vehicles that sit all winter often need their batteries recharged and the oil replaced.