Carfuffle Founders Disrupt Vehicle Market With App

Alex and Dennis, founders of Carfuffle. Pic: (CNW Group/Carfuffle)

TORONTO: Vehicle ownership comes with its fair share of headaches. Not to mention the automotive industry can be an unfriendly and unfair place when it comes to taking care of your car!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could hold all the automotive services that you would ever need in the palm of your hand?

Well, 25-year automotive industry veterans Alexander DeBuono and Dennis Lecos hope to change with their industry-disrupting company Carfuffle. Carfuffle – a play on the word kerfuffle – is a one-of-kind vehicle management app that provides Canadian car owners and buyers with a secure, complete Vehicle Management Software App Experience.

“Carfuffle takes the confusion or commotion out of vehicle ownership,” Dennis said. “The intent was to create an app that marries consumers and vehicle services all in one place.” To accomplish this, Carfuffle offers a suite of vehicle services including mechanical, cosmetic, and emergency for all your vehicle needs including handpicked products and competitively priced warranties for a variety of vehicle types!

The Carfuffle app allows consumers to book services for their vehicles, purchase Carfax history reports, access their vehicle’s value via Canadian Black Book at no additional cost, and store all their vehicle documents in an easily accessible “Virtual Garage”.

Customers with compatible vehicles can also qualify for three free months of Sirius XM satellite radio. With Carfuffle, Alex and Dennis have simplified private car buying in an unprecedented way, and in the process, they’ve become auto industry disruptors whose solutions are resonating to astounding effects.

They expect well over 100,000 downloads of the Carfuffle app by December in Ontario alone and then move across Canada!

The idea first struck Dennis in December 2017, after he noticed the massive gaps on the private side of the automotive business. He brought on two partners and an overseas IT staff, and they tried to marry Carfuffle’s technology with its unproven concept.

The task was more challenging than Dennis had anticipated, and everyone on the project soon parted ways. But he wasn’t ready to give up.

“I couldn’t let this one go. The idea and concept kept eating away at me,” he said. Dennis shared his ideas with Alex, a trusted friend, and a colleague. Alex was just as excited about the project as Dennis, and that excitement reinvigorated the project. Together, the duo invested thousands of hours to bring Carfuffle to life.

“We’re hoping to streamline vehicle maintenance and educate the consumer when they’re buying, selling, or servicing their vehicle,” Alex said. “We have several exciting and innovative products and, especially, services coming in the next 24 months.” Alex said. Despite its early triumphs, it seems Carfuffle is just getting started. – CNW