Chef Sanjeev Kapoor Launches His Milton Khazana


New Restaurant In Niche Market Has Contemporary Decor & Exquisite Range Of Signature Dishes

By Bala Menon

Milton: When Chef Sanjeev Kapoor was asked by Weekly Voice ad executive Rohit Malhotra: “How and how often do you create a new recipe?”,  the internationally renowned chef responded immediately: “Cooking is like breathing to me; just like we do not count the number of breaths we take in a day, I do not keep count of the number of recipes I create. Anything can inspire me to create, and the process is ongoing, it comes naturally.”

The occasion was the weekend-long Grand Launch celebrations at Milton Khazana, a stunning,  stand-alone restaurant in Ontario’s newest boom town.

Kapoor added, “The day I stop breathing, will be the day I stop creating”.

Milton Khazana had its soft opening in the summer of 2017 and a formal launch in October of last year.  This weekend, restaurant owners Rashmi and Shailesh Gangwani, who first introduced Chef Sanjeev Kapoor to North America organized a Grand Launch and VIP lunch on June 22-23 with the Padma Shree Master Chef in attendance.

Among those present were Mayor of Milton Gordon Krantz, Councillor Robert Duvall along with Brian Penman, Board Chair, Milton District Hospital Foundation and Judi George, Board Member, MDHF. Mayor Krantz is one of the longest-serving mayors of a Canadian city – holding his chair for the past 38 years.

Mayor Krantz, who along with Chef Kapoor, lit the traditional Indian lamp and cut the ribbon to declare the restaurant open, said Khazana was a great addition to the cultural and social life of Milton.

Chef Kapoor with Milton Mayor Krantz

“Our community is growing and today Milton boasts a population of over 130,000….and as it is said ‘You ain’t seen nothing yet’ “- alluding to the boom that awaits the town.

Sanjeev  Kapoor described how the restaurant business was one of the toughest to run, because the failure rates are incredibly high. “Sustainability, includes R&D, due diligence and focus  on authenticity can help a brand succeed.”

“We have to look at the relevance of the business to the community – that is the challenge  and the excitement.”

Owners Shailesh and Rashmi Gangwani spoke about their association with Chef Kapoor, that started in 2009 when they first thought about opening the first  Khazana in North America.

“Milton has accepted us with open arms and the authentic taste of recipes of Chef Kapoor are well accepted within the community and beyond,” Rashmi Gangwani said. “We are overwhelmed by the receptiveness and the response. We love Milton and the Miltonians, who truly appreciate the real flavours of Indian cuisine.”

Shailesh Gangwani said: “We opened the Khazana here mainly because Milton is the fastest growing city in Canada. It is also known for its citizens who opt for good lifestyles and fond of fine dining. Milton is also centrally located and close to the major highways ….we are also very near Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Georgetown, Kitchener, Waterloo and Guelph.”

One of the highlights of the formal launch was a short cooking demo by Chef  Kapoor who made a novel fish fillet delicacy with spices from the southern Indian state of Kerala, coconut paste and a healthy dash of maple syrup to create a new fusion dish. And Mayor Krantz, who got the first taste, shook his head and wonder and said: “Mmm.. Good!”

“The right mix of ingredients and the correct style of cooking is the key to great taste. It’s all about various permutation and combinations – mix all of the ingredients well and then pray that it turns out nicely,” Chef Kapoor said.

Sanjeev Kapoor is the most celebrated face of Indian cuisine today. Chef Extraordinaire, TV show host, author of best-selling cookbooks, restaurant consultant, architect of a unique range of food products and winner of numerous culinary awards. He envisions a world in which Indian cuisine is seen as a top choice for both healthy eating and flavourful cuisine, as he spreads the idea  ‘Eat Well Live Well’, throughout India and the rest of the world.

He has won several national and international awards, including the  Padma Shree Award (one of India’s highest civilian awards) in January 2017.

Chef Kapoor runs about 75 restaurants worldwide, with two Khazanas in Canada – one in Brampton and the new one in Milton and several outlets under the Yellow Chilli brand. “We now aim to open several Khazanas in Ontario,” he said.

The Gangwani family presented a cheque of  $10,000 to the Milton District Hospital Foundation to furnish and equip the expansion of the hospital, including major pieces of clinical equipment.

Milton-Khazana can host 200 guests in its restaurant that has been designed in contemporary style by Shreyas Gangwani. Traditional elements have been fused well with modern finishes, making it welcoming and ambient.

Milton – Khazana’s pride is its exquisite range of dishes, with a menu different from other restaurants.  Made under the supervision of Master Chef Vikas,  it includes outstanding vegetarian and meat dishes, desserts and signature creations presented in a contemporary way.

The must-try items are the “Lamb Shank Biryani’ for its sheer succulence and flavour or the ‘Patiala Flower” for a cauliflower dish like never before. The ‘24K Dal’ simmered to perfection for over 24 hours, a Tandoor Meat melange, Makhmali Paneer, Tawa Subj Palal and Bhuna Ghosht are all unique palate-tingling creations.  The Khazana desserts are also an ‘out of this world’ experience.  Located at 1185 Maple Avenue, MILTON – KHAZANA by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor is yours to explore!

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