Chocolate Cylinder With Dust Ice Cream

Chocolate Cylinder with brown dust vanilla Ice cream at The Chatter House

Try whipping up few desserts at home with recipes shared by chefs. Ravindra Rawat, Sous Chef at The Chatter House, Prashant Singh, Executive Chef at Raasta, Chef Noah Barnes, Executive Chef at TabulaBeach have shared recipes:

Chocolate Cylinder With

Dust Ice Cream


120 gm dark chocolate

150 gm Nutella paste

300 gm whipped cream

Method: Take a sauce pan over on induction heater, melt dark chocolate via double boiler method, add some Nutella paste; refrigerate. After 2-3 hrs add whipped cream with the chocolate and Nutella mixer. Fill the mixture inside the mould and store in the refrigerator.

Take a serving plate; remove the chocolate cylinder from the mould. Serve with vanilla ice cream over the chocolate dust..

Warm Nutella

Banana Boat


1 tortilla

1 small banana

¼ cup Nutella

1 scoop of vanilla ice cream

¼ salted caramel sauce

Oil for frying

Method: Add some sugar to a pan & caramelize the banana. Place banana in centre of the tortilla sheet. Add nutellat. Add salted caramel sauce to the sheet. Roll the stuffed tortilla sheet and deep fry until golden in colour. Cut the stuffed fried tortilla sheet into two halves.Serve hot with cool vanilla ice cream scoop.