Chrissy Teigen’s daughter gives her style advice


Model Chrissy Teigen’s two-year-old daughter Luna gives her style advice.

She opened up about her daughter’s possible future as a beauty blogger or stylist as she launched her new collaboration with make-up brand Becca Cosmetics.

“She doesn’t shower with us, but she will sit at the end of the shower, just cross-legged. She’ll watch you shampoo and she’ll go ‘Shave, shave, shave!’ Then, when I do my make-up at the sink, she’s like ‘Up, up, up.’…If you hand her a lip gloss or a compact and she’ll dab, dab,” Teigen told E! News.

When Luna is done with her pretend make-up, she mirrors her model mother.

“Then she goes,” she said, kissing into an imaginary mirror, “‘Feel pretty!’ It’s really cute.”

Luna has even expanded her advice from make-up to clothes, and makes sure to tell her famous mother when she looks good.

“She is at a stage where she will compliment you on your outfit. Of course, her taste in outfits – you know, you can’t really trust it,” Teigen said.