Comfort Foods Like Snacks And Desserts Now More Popular

Loaded nachos for a game night. Pic:NewsCanada

(NC) We all deserve to indulge, and comfort food at home is the best way to do so. Scrumptious snacks, mouth-watering meals and decedent desserts can be the comfort we are searching for.

During the pandemic, comfort foods have become a major food trend and so is shopping local, so we’re happily welcoming both into our kitchen. Looking for inspiration for your next comfort meal? Here are some tips:

A little sweet and a little salty

Why choose between sweet and salty when you can have both? Proudly prepared in Ontario, Canada, Angie’s sweet-and-salty Boomchickapop is topped with a milk-chocolate drizzle and is an easy, classic and satisfying dessert to quench this craving.

Something for game night

We all know that on game night pizza and wings are the way to go. But you can easily switch things up for the summer by indulging in loaded nachos made on the barbecue, or some baked mac and cheese bites.

Backyard treats

Looking for something quick and easy that everyone can enjoy? Consider the classic Pogo with all of your favourite dips and sauces. It’ll be a hit with the family. And for a real treat, you can try making these your base for those loaded nachos on game night. Just sub them in sliced instead of the chips and you are set.

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