Common Self-Storage Mistakes to Avoid


Self-storage units are efficient and cost-effective ways of storing your goods and belongings. This process helps you store your goods before decluttering your home or creating more space for that business of yours. However, it’s important to get the process right. Seaside Storage advises you to avoid making the following mistakes when doing self-storage.

Choosing A Small Unit

Estimating the size of your unit can be challenging, especially if you are a first-timer. Of course, you will want to save money by going for smaller units. Here, you will end up cramping everything inside. However, this isn’t a good idea. Instead, choose the correct size. Choosing the right size eliminates the chances of damaging your belongings. If you are unsure about the size, seek advice from an expert. Getting it right with the size is very important. 

Not Planning Well

Self-storage is all about planning. A person who fails to do proper planning risks misplacing items or jamming them up. It will be challenging to retrieve belongings if you never planned well. Crowding boxes together is not a prudent idea. Plan well. Label all the boxes. Plus, it will create spaces to walk around the storage unit.

Not Taking an Insurance Plan

Your goods may be damaged. In most cases, the facility unit owners won’t be held liable for these damages. This leaves you venerable in case anything happens to your self-stored goods. That’s why you should bring in insurance on board. Devise a good protection plan for your goods. With insurance, you can protect yourself from unforeseen risks like fire and theft. Ensure your goods for peace of mind.

Using Poor Quality Packing Materials

The quality of packaging material is an important component of any self-storage unit. So, don’t use substandard materials. Avoid cheap materials. Use high-quality materials. For instance, you cannot use printed newspapers for covering your goods isn’t a prudent idea. They can bleed into your materials and stain them. Instead, used colorless paper. Go for a sturdy bubble-based wrap. These materials will play a key role when it comes to protecting your fragile items from breakage.

Dump Items

Don’t package moisturized items. Moisture can damage your items. Wait for the items to dry before storing them. Consider using a dry towel to dry up the items before storing them. Also, choose climate-controlled self-storage facilities. It will ensure that your items stay in good condition for a long time.

Not Keeping Records

Keep records of all your items. Preferably, draft a list of all the items you intend to store. It will help you track your items. Plus, there won’t be any confusion during the retrieval of your items.

Working with A Wrong Storage Company

Don’t choose any storage company. Consider conducting research. Understand the company you are about to partner with. Look at the reputation of that company. Work with a licensed company.

The Bottom-Line

The above are common self-storage mistakes you should avoid.  These mistakes can cost you dearly. So, avoid them for an efficient self-storage process.



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