Dhillon Brothers Are National Taekwondo Champions

DhillonTwins with grandmaster Sung

BRAMPTON: Danvir and Balvir Dhillon are 13-year-old twin brothers that are bringing a lot of attention to Taekwondo.

These star athletes were born in North York, Ontario to first-generation immigrant Sikh parents and currently studying in Balmoral Senior Public School.

Elder Twin Danvir Singh Dhillon

The brothers started Taekwondo at just 6 years old alongside their older sister who is a Black Belt in the sport as well and a very successful competitor in the sport at an International Level.

Today the young brothers have secured 1st place at the Canadian Taekwondo Nationals making the twins National Champions in their respective weight classes.

Not only did they achieve a national title at just 13 years old, but making it to the Canadian National Team they also secured 2 spots for the Taekwondo World Championships in Australia as well as 2 spots for the PanAm Championships happening later this year!

Sports seems to run in the family as their Dad was a very successful athlete at the National Level for the field event of hammer and discus throw.

Younger Twin Balvir Singh Dhillon

Their parents have always emphasized two main goals to work towards, the first suggesting to always keep a good balance between school and sports because a strong body, gives you a strong mind. And the second, to set your mind to something and excel in it.

The Dhillon Brothers believe this upbringing was imperative to their success because it gave them time management skills, determination, perseverance and focus to achieve so much.

Pictured on top: Danvir Dhillon on right and Balvir Dhillon on left with their Grand Master Sung in the middle (Grand Master who is 5 times World Champion).