Dia: It’s An Extraordinary Time For Us To Will Ourselves To Do Better

Actress Dia Mirza.

Mumbai: Actress Dia Mirza, who is a United Nations Sustainable Development Goals advocate, has been highlighting the impact of the Covid pandemic on all socio-economic aspects.

She believes “it is an extraordinary time for mankind to educate and will ourselves to do better”.

Dia spoke about this “opportunity” during a special conversation with UN Deputy SecretaryGeneral Amina Mohammed and fellow SDG advocate Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg.

“This pandemic is the outcome of our broken relationship with nature and the disruptions that we’ve caused in our ecological balance. I think what I would hope for is that more people recognise this interconnection and the fact that our lives, our health, our progress is not separate from the health of the environment and nature,” said Dia.

“And that the only way we can actually hope to achieve the Sustainable Developments Goals, is by protecting and conserving and securing biodiversity…” she added.

She feels that we have the solutions, technology, the science that is evidencing the solutions to all our problems, helping us understand our problems better.

“Every time I see the glaring inequalities that we have experienced, specially during this time, I don’t think it’s ever been as magnified as it has been now. I can only hope that policy makers, and industries and civil society, you and me, all of us, can just become more responsible citizens of the planet,” she said.


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