Discover Brampton’s Natural Heritage System!

Andrew McCandless Park is a park that is connected to Brampton’s NHS, featuring trails along a wetland, naturalized bioswales and stormwater pond. Pic: City of Brampton.

BRAMPTON, ON: Brampton is full of nature for all to explore – but what on Earth is a Natural Heritage System (NHS)?

When you visit parks or greenspaces with natural features in Brampton, you are in the city’s NHS! Brampton’s NHS is a network of naturalized lands and waters, including woodlands, valleys, wetlands, lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, and meadows.

These features, linked by natural and restored corridors, make up our beautiful city’s natural landscape.

The NHS provides benefits and vital services to our community, such as keeping our air and water clean, maintaining biodiversity, reducing flooding, providing recreational opportunities and beautiful places to visit, and absorbing and storing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

A part of the valley lands of the Etobicoke Creek, Loafer’s Lake Park is one of many
parks that are part of Brampton’s NHS. Pic: City of Brampton

Discover Brampton’s NHS today! Brampton’s NHS is widely accessible through trails and parks where you can enjoy the physical and mental health benefits of connecting with nature. Learn more about our NHS and see a map at NHS.

The Natural Heritage System and Stormwater Survey and the Natural Heritage System Photo Contest are now open! Complete the survey and share your photos of Brampton’s NHS and you could win a prize.

Natural Heritage System and Stormwater Survey Take the brief survey about the City’s natural features and stormwater system. Share your experiences with the city’s natural areas and how you think rthe city can improve them. Complete the survey and you will be entered to win a prize! Visit the Brampton city website for details..

The new Creditview Sandalwood Park is a part of west Brampton’s NHS, featuring woodlands and wetlands. Pic: City of Brampton

Natural Heritage System Photo Contest Share your photos of Brampton’s NHS with the city for a chance to win a 13-piece BBQ set! Winners will be announced in September. Submit a photo to or post to social media using the hashtag #BramptonNHS. Include your name and photo location.

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