Doug Ford calls NDP leader Andrea Horwath “disgusting” for raising his late brother Rob’s addiction struggles


TORONTO: Ontario Premier Doug Ford says it’s “disgusting” that NDP Leader Andrea Horwath would raise his brother’s struggles as she spoke about overdose prevention sites.

Ford’s late brother, Rob Ford, entered rehab while he was the mayor of Toronto after months of revelations about drug and alcohol use.

Horwath was criticizing the province’s decision to shut down several overdose-prevention sites and said “shame” on Ford, considering he had a family member with drug addition issues.

Ford says it was disturbing and disgusting that the Opposition leader would bring his family into the discussion.

Horwath says the entire world felt a lot of sympathy for Ford and his family, and that’s what she meant.

Several protesters interrupted question period today over the decision to close some overdose prevention sites, yelling, “it’s a public health emergency and we’re begging you to help us,” before being ejected by security.