Downsizing Your Home Can Mean An Upgrade To Your Life

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(NC) We are often told that “bigger is better” when it comes to our buying choices. We’re encouraged to supersize our takeout meals, go after a higher paycheque and purchase the biggest TV we possibly can. But downsizing shouldn’t be looked at as a negative, especially when it comes to your home.

Although it takes a shift in thinking to get away from the “big is best” mindset, finding a home that’s the right size for you can really pay off.

Less stress, more free time. Having fewer rooms and smaller spaces means less time cleaning and maintaining your home. A house that requires minimal upkeep can be a boost to your daily life. If you’re looking for a close-knit neighbourhood with amenities and social activities, a land lease community could be a great fit.

If you’re completely done with yardwork and home maintenance, a condo could be the answer. If gardening is your passion, look for a smaller home with ample yard space. There are enough right-sized home options available for everyone to find their happy place.

More money for your pocket. The math is simple. Lowering your mortgage payments, or not having a mortgage at all, equals having more money to spend on other things. It also costs a lot less to heat or cool a smaller home.

You can also expect your property taxes, home insurance and maintenance expenses to be reduced when downsizing. Having extra funds in your bank account each month means you can use your money to do things you love and break the cycle of feeling house poor.

Smaller home, happier planet. Living in a smaller house is better for the environment. It reduces energy consumption, especially if the house uses high-efficiency windows, thermostats and other eco-friendly technology.

You’ll also lower your consumption in a right-sized home. If there’s no space to put things, you’re less likely to buy extra furniture, clothing and other consumer goods. Finding a house in a walkable community with amenities and activities close by also keeps you out of your car and reduces your carbon footprint.

Overall, having a smaller home to pay for and maintain can be a major upgrade to your lifestyle. With the variety of home ownership options available, there are many opportunities to find a home that fulfills you personally and financially.

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