dynaCERT’s new technology aimed at trucking industry reduces emissions, saves money


Ontario Ministers of Transportation, Environment impressed by HydraGEN ™ clean tech

Toronto: Toronto company dynaCERT Inc. (“dynaCERT”) showed off a unique technology that reduces GHGs, and fights pollution and climate change, all while saving money for the trucking industry and consumers.

Ontario Transportation Minister Honourable Jeff Yurek and Environment, Conservation and Parks Minister Honourable Rod Phillips, learned about the advanced technology during a recent tour of the company’s Toronto head office and plant.

“Our government welcomes innovative solutions that will help improve our air quality by reducing emissions from all sources of pollution, including vehicles,” said The Hon. Jeff Yurek, Minister of Transportation. “dynaCERT’s contributions to reducing emissions from diesel trucks will help take Ontario’s transportation sector into the future.”

Efficiencies created by HydraGEN ™ Technology reduce diesel fuel consumption by up to 10% percent, saving approximately 5,000 litres of fuel per year on an average long-haul diesel truck and trailer. This savings translates into greenhouse gas emission reductions of about 100 tonnes, the equivalent to removing 28 small sedans off the road.

“The Ontario government called on the private sector to fight greenhouse gas emissions; we have been answering that call,” said dynaCERT CEO Jim Payne. “No one else in the world has been able to do what we’re doing with the fuel injection process. That’s why this is so exciting. There are 60 million diesel-powered trucks and trailers in North America alone and one billion diesel engines operating worldwide on all types of diesel equipment.  Imagine what we can do with our revolutionary technology. We can help save the world of one of the most dangerous types of pollution.”

The size of a carry-on suitcase, the HydraGEN ™ device costs about $8,500. Most long-haul truck operators will make that back on fuel savings alone in the first year.

“Our Made-In-Ontario Environment Plan is focused on reducing output from the heaviest on-road emitters,” said The Hon. Rod Phillips, Minister of the Environment. “Through the innovation and efforts of companies like dynaCERT, we can work with industry to achieve our objectives, balancing a healthy environment with a healthy economy.”

About dynaCERT

dynaCERT is a Canadian Company with a Global Solution to Reduce Pollution. Their team of engineers have developed an innovative Carbon Emission Reduction Technology for diesel engines in the global market – that also provides significant fuel savings to the operator. dynaCERT’s HydraGEN™ Technology uses simple electrolysis to turn distilled water into H2 & O2 gases that are produced on demand.

The HydraGEN™ HG145 unit is a safe and effective after-market component that is easily installed onto any diesel engine. The unit’s SMART ECU controls the process to ensure that there is no dangerous on-board storage of hydrogen and ensures that the units operate under ambient (non-pressure) conditions capable of -60C to +60C environments. The HydraGEN™ technology is in use today in North America, Brazil, UAE, Saudi Arabia, India, many European countries and the United Kingdom.