Elevate every meal with everything bagel seasoning

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Elevate every meal with everything bagel seasoning

(NC) If you spend any time on Pinterest or Instagram foodie accounts, you’ll quickly learn that people are going crazy for everything bagel seasoning. This mix of salty, sweet and bitterness is hard not to get hooked on, improving almost any recipe.

Skip the mess and measuring for a DIY version with the new PC everything bagel spice blend, made up of six simple ingredients: sesame seeds, roasted garlic, onion flakes, black sesame seeds, poppy seeds and flaked salt. Here are five ways to use this spice:

  1. Sprinkle it on avocado toast. This seems like the most obvious choice, and even a halved avocado with this sprinkled on top is a good snack on its own. You can take it a bit further and make amazing avocado toast topped with your favourite style of egg that looks very impressive.
  2. Put it on popcorn. Adding this garlicky, onion-flavoured seasoning to a bowl of freshly popped popcorn can make home movie nights really stand out compared to any traditional cheese powder.
  3. Mix it in salads. This seasoning will work on salads for an extra pop of savoury, salty flavour. Try it with fish or smoked salmon salads, a popular combo among bagel and lox lovers.
  4. Pair it with kebobs or roasted veg. For a hint of something new, swap out the pepper and sprinkle everything bagel seasoning on roasted chicken, short ribs or steak. If meat is not your thing, roasted vegetables with this herb blend is a great option. Spice up your potatoes, beans, broccoli, carrots – you name it.
  5. Make crackers or shortbread. Now that we are all pros at baking homemade bread, mix the seasoning into a plain shortbread recipe. This sweet-and-savoury treat is perfect for serving with a cheese plate.


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