Ending online child pornography huge challenge: Kailash Satyarthi


New Delhi:  Saying that online child pornographic content is a big contributor to global trafficking of children, Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi on Tuesday said that support of powerful countries like the US to end the menace is a huge challenge.

“We are trying to bring a legally binding UN Convention to end circulation of online child pornographic content. This is possible only with the support of the powerful countries around the world,” Satyarthi said during an interaction at the IANS office.

Online pornographic content contributes heavily to child prostitution and child trafficking, he contended.

The Nobel laureate, however, noted that the technology platforms on which these content circulate and the data service providers have influential lobbies and making them responsible is a huge task.

Satyarthi’s comments come barely a week ahead of US President Donald Trump’s India visit next week.

Underlining that his works aimed at ending exploitation of children spans across 144 countries in the world, Satyarthi said he was also working towards bringing an European law to bring due diligence in the production and supply chain of European companies which are exploiting women and children.

“Moreover, there is a long list of tiers of suppliers and producers and value chains which are not controlled by anyone,” he added.

Ending exploitation of children “requires collective effort”, said Satyarthi who has been running an NGO in India for the protection of child rights for about 40 years.

“I have already won the Nobel Peace Prize, so I cannot go beyond that. I cannot stop here because I strongly feel that this is just a comma in life. The full stop will come only when every child is free to be a child, free to laugh and cry, free to go to school and more importantly, free to dream,” he said.


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