Enthralling Kathakali Performance At Brampton Temple


BRAMPTON: A traditional Kathakali performance (an ancient art form of Kerala) was one of the highlights of Hanuman Jayanti celebrations held at the Guruvayurappan (Lord Krishna) temple in Brampton  (2580 Countryside Drive) on Saturday, March 31.

The whole-day program  included 1008 recitals of the Hanuman Chalisa hymn in five sessions by scores of devotees at the temple.

The Kathakali dance was based on a story from the Mahabaratha in which the Pandava prince Bheema goes in search of the legendary ‘Kalyanasaugandhika’ flower in a hidden Himalayan Valley at the request of Princess Draupadi.

On the way, he comes across the immortal Hanuman – from the previous era of the Ramayana – who pretends to be a weakling. However, an arrogant Bheema – who is also his brother – could not even lift Hanuman’s tail. Humbled, he bows down to seek Hanuman’s blessings.

The performers at the houseful event were Anupama Dineshkumar as Bheema, Unni Opath as Hanuman and Preetha Kandanchatha as Draupadi. The make-up was managed by Gayatri evi Maruthur of the Nupura School of Dance and Music.