Exploring Canada’s Best Snowmobile Routes

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When the mercury drops, many of us hunker down, crank up the heat and spend more time indoors. For others, the winter weather promises adventure as they fire up their snowmobiles and head out to some of the most epic trails in the world.

In Ontario, there are more than 30,000 kilometres of snowmobile trails, making up the world’s largest interconnected network. The Bon Echo Loop is a 232-kilometre loop encompassing much of Ontario’s highlands.

For those living in or visiting the west, the central Alberta Iron Horse Trail provides idyllic landscapes for simple day trips or longer hauls to excite novices and experts alike.

The Laurentians in Quebec, a famed range known for its mountain sports and rich snowmobiling heritage, include the world’s first snowmobilers’ club. The area boasts more than 2,500 kilometres of trails and lots of snow all season long.

No matter the trail, it’s important to ride safe. That means using the right equipment, avoiding dangerous areas, and speaking with a broker to ensure your vehicle has the right insurance coverage. – newscanada